Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Hyderabad

Hyderabad among other cities in india is renowned across the world for its lavish weddings. While it’s an understatement to say Indian weddings are expensive, budgets do have to be planned carefully and compromises have to be made. If there’s something you mustn’t compromise on, it’s your photographer. Gone are the days of ‘Galli’ studio photographers, whose photo editing prowess extended as far as rendering a different shade of Saree, or a groom with a lipstick ! Also, editing with unusual and unnatural backgrounds such as people in the sky, Posing with a solar eclipse in the background and being asked to perform complex ‘Poses’ where there is always the confusion of where to keep the hands or have the groom to look like a saviour in a bid to capture ‘tender’ moments.

A good photographer is the first thing you must book when planning for D-Day. If there’s something missing in the decor, the only person who can make up for that is the photographer. If the wedding venue looks boring, the only person who can brighten it up is the photographer. You’ll forget the food, the decor, the mehendi artist who came late, the hordes of relatives who never left your side and even the faint feeling you got when the baraat was three hours late. The photographer and the beautiful pictures, however, will make up for it all.

And here’re the GO-TO guys who excel in the art of candid photography,  you should contact to make your wedding memorable for everyone.



Source: Vijayeesam

Vijay started doing weddings after a switch in careers, his dream was to be a film-maker but when that didn’t work out, he channelled his creativity towards weddings. Aside from photography, he is also a creates creative wedding movies.

Phone: 096111 01234

Photriya Photography


Source: Photriya

Photography has been a keen interest for Photriya Venky since his childhood and finally decided to make this his own profession. Studying at the JNTU college of Fine Arts he was rated as one of the top students of the university. He graduated in the year 2003. Venky has over 12 years of professional experience in Digital Photography and shoots across the globe depending on the assignment.

Phone: 040 6524 3029

Prithvi Poosapati Photography


Source: Prithvi poosapati

Phone: 88856 98905


Ravi Jandhyala photography


Ravi Jandhyala is a passionate and well known “Candid photographer”, specialized in capturing the natural emotions and expressions at large. Though his core interest is in Nature photography & Travel photography, he has developed and mastered the art of “People & Event photography” by capturing those “live & natural moments” that would be cherished by generations.

Source: Ravi Jandhyala Photography

Phone: 98662 22093


Suman Chakri Photography


Suman Chakravarthy is a popular Wedding and Lifestyle India-based photographer. Suman sees life in motion and freezes the most inspiring moments through photography. A self taught photographer who has an eye for frames not only captures beauty in people but also their emotions. He is an expert in shooting people, events and wildlife. Suman is known famously for his unassuming and grounded behavior despite being a creative person at the zenith of his career.

Source: Suman Chakri Photography


Ranganath photography


Ranganath captures the moments that mostly go unnoticed during a wedding. His pictures look straight out of a movie. According to him, his never-ending love for photography and travel helps in capturing beautiful images from weddings across the country.

Source: Ranganath photography

Phone: 098481 88406

Kamal Kiran Photography


You won’t even notice this award-winning photographer while he captures the most beautiful moments of your wedding. According to sources, he works like a sniper: always gets his target, but is never seen doing it. Albeit based in Secunderabad, he loves to travel everywhere to capture weddings.

Source: Kamal Kiran photography

Phone: 89789 99678

Shekar Clicks


Chandrasekhar Singh of Sekhar Clicks believes in Elliott Erwitt’s words “Photography is the art of Observation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them” Sekhar, as he is called, captures the most candid of moments, like a Nervous bride before the wedding, The  shy smile as his man arrives, and an enthusiastic groom  in the baraat.

Source: Sekharclicks

Phone: 984891 41968

Artham Photography



Vamshi Artham has travelled the nation in pursuit of his first love–photography. A student in JNTU’s School of Photography, It helps him in creating vivid and romantic images that exhibit the look of Romantic Movies.

Source: Artham photography

Phone: 90309 94877

Weddings by Gayatri


She is based in Chennai but has captured weddings in Singapore, Hyderabad, Cochin, Mumbai, Goa and more. According to Gayatri’s clients, she blends in without coming in the way or asking people to pose for photographs. Gayatri Nair is one of the more popular wedding photographers in southern India.

Source: Gayatri Nair

Phone: 099400 46599


Disclaimer: The intension of this blog post is not to judge the photographs but to provide information based on the social media recommendations. Have any one of them photograph your wedding and you will not regret it for a second. Moksh banquets does not have any association with the photographers and hence does not own any responsibility in any way.

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