8 Reasons Why People Feel Moksh Banquets Is the Best Place for Birthday Parties in Hyderabad

Birthday parties are fun! Right? Perhaps not for those organizing it.

From decoration to foot-tapping music, from car parking to inside venue space availability, from guest interaction to multi-cuisine lunch/dinners, the hosts of birthday events have thousands of things to worry about.

All this in addition to making sure your loved ones are having the time of their life, be it your child’s first birthday or your Mom/Dad’s 60th birthday.

We at Moksh Banquets believe that a birthday party should be maximum fun and minimum stress.

We believe that the party hosts should worry only about what gift to get their loved ones and what dance move to perform for the next song. Moksh Banquets strives to provide best and quality services/facilities to customers so that their only stress is about dressing up well!

We are strategically located at three of the most convenient locations across the twin cities, Tivoli Road, Necklace Road and Jubilee Hills.

No matter if your event is a small and private function or a grand and jubilant celebration, we offer premium services/facilities which are second to none. Make your “Celebrations Elevated”.

With an experience of more than a decade in providing exclusive banqueting facilities and awards to show for our unmatched quality and hospitality standards, we know exactly how to make your birthday party memorable.

Location & Accessibility

Being located in few of the most accessible locations in the city, Moksh Banquets are easily reachable even through public transportation. For those preferring personal transportation, we avoid you the hassle of finding a parking spot by providing valet parking services. Be rest assured as our experienced drivers and valets ensure the condition and safety of your vehicle.

Venue and On-demand features

We cater to both small, family parties and also grand festivities. Our venues have a capacity for organizing events for up to 1000 people! All of our venues are equipped with air conditioners for the comfort of you and your guests.

Our Necklace road venue is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities including retractable roofing to provide you and your guests with an unparalleled experience. This location also has access to outside grass lawn for outdoor themed parties.

We offer a virtual 360-degree tour of all of our venues directly on our website. You can make an informed decision about organizing a birthday party with an experience like no other, right from the comfort of your own home.

For those looking for at-the-venue experience, our courteous and easily accessible venue managers are readily available for scheduling a tour of the venues.

With customer comfort in mind especially the senior citizens, our multi-storied venues have been equipped with elevators.

All of our venues provide access to bathrooms which are maintained at superior hygienic conditions.

What party is complete without some song and dance? Don’t just shake one leg but shake two! All of our venues come equipped with removable dance stages. Just wait for the cake to be cut and let your hair lose! Shiela ya munni, manao masti honey.  Furthermore, we provide on-demand access to A/V systems, LCD projector and screens to display your favourite memories with your loved ones to your guests.

Keep your young guests entertained by organizing shows by event clowns and magicians. We can set you up with acclaimed performers who can cater to your specific needs. Relax and catch-up with your friends and family as the kids get engrossed in other activities. Abracadabra!

We also offer other on-demand services like thematic photo booths in association with the decorator. Also, we understand the importance of thanking your guests for gracing the event with their presence.

However, everyone in the world agrees it is impossible to think of appropriate return gifts! Worry not, our experienced venue managers are more than willing to help you identify age specific return gifts for your guests.

Multi Cuisine Delicacies & Choice of Menus


Group of people celebrating a party

Cater to the needs and fancies of the food connoisseur in you by having access to a variety of cuisines such as Indian, Continental, and Mughlai etc.

With over hundreds of menu items covering a wide range of appetizers, entrees, desserts and non-alcoholic beverages, our renowned chefs can cook up dishes you’ve only heard of!

You are even welcome to sample your menu items beforehand to make changes if necessary.

We also offer specialized vegan choices on request.

Also we are more than happy to extend our children friendly menu for your young ones, with items like pizza, Alfredo/marinara creamy pasta, panipuri and other spectrum of chat items that are their all-time favorite.

Popular dessert options like cupcakes, cookies, brownies etc. can also be included in lunch/dinner menu for your little darlings. Relish on your favorite and exotic delicacies while they enjoy theirs (we won’t judge if you steal from their plates :-P).

In addition to providing delicious and lip smacking food, we also maintain impeccable service and quality standards.

Thoroughly Customizable Arrangements

Party Hall

Looking for a princess or a superhero themed party for your 5 year old? Or a vintage cinematic theme for your Dad’s 75th birthday? Look no further. At Moksh Banquets, we offer numerous predesigned thematic arrangements that cater to most needs.

We have some of most popular kid’s birthday themes to celebrate your child’s inner hero such as Ironman, Batman or their favorite characters like Pokémon, Peppa pig or Cinderella, police, pilot, and cars & of course Bahubali.

For those looking for not-so-ordinary, out-of-the-box experience, we allow for a full customization of the event’s theme. You can choose from a gamut of colors, lighting, floral arrangements, decoration ornaments and other details to tailor your party to your needs.

Even the seating arrangements are tailor-made to your needs. Furthermore, we also set you up with specialist decorators and event organizers for creating a remarkable party experience for you, your guests and most importantly your loved ones. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Cakes, cakes and more cakes!

No birthday party is complete without a proper cake. Gone are the days when a “house” cake is the fanciest cake in town.

Today, almost every minute detail of the cake can be customized. From the number of colours and where they are applied to the number of tiers and the theme for each one of them. Cake industry has grown leaps and bounds to satisfy the whims and fancies of the customer.

Specialist cake bakers such as Vacs, Swiss castle, Country oven, Guilt trip etc. have made a name for themselves by creating varieties of cakes that can only be dreamt of.

In addition to the tradition cool cakes and fondant cakes, you can create thematic cakes tailored to the occasion. Be it Mahendra Bahubali lifting the Shiv Ling on his shoulder or a multi-flavour seven tier cheesecake with custom printed edible photocards on each tier, specially made cakes can substantially brighten the special day of your loved one.

Order a cake with any baker and we will be more than happy to keep it ready for you!


Function Hall Photoshoot

There is no better way to cherish and re-live the memorable moments spent with your near and dear than through photography.

With the advent and prevalence of digital photography, it is easier than ever to capture those candid and lovable moments which create perpetual memories. In the recent years, Hyderabad has become a hot bed of highly successful candid and event photographers.

Expert Photographers like Photriya, Krishnam Photography, Omkar Photography, Sweet Pickle Pictures, to name a few, have been able to achieve international acclaim through their work in wedding and event photography.

In addition to freezing those splendid moments in time, modern photographers offer additional value added services which can dramatically enhance your event experience.

Functionalities such as videography, creation of event teaser and trailer videos, high quality print production of event photos, have been able to capture your beautiful moments with your loved ones and create everlasting memories.

You can arrange for a choreographed pre-event shoot and even organize a cake-smash. With a venues that is as breath-taking as Moksh Banquets, every photograph is going to be as breath-taking!

Children Friendly Venues

The most important people at a birthday are children! At Moksh Banquets, we understand the value of your children’s safety and security and strive out best to ensure their needs are taken care-off while still making sure they have amazing fun. A few of our safety and security features include

  • Security guards at venue entrances
  • Necessary first aid and fire control equipment
  • Children friendly staff who are very accessible and who go out of their way to ensure the safety and security of your children

We can also get you in touch with children engagers such as game organizers and funny balloon makers for the joy of the young ones. Grass lawns (at locations with that feature) are open to kids for their recreation.


Our premium and industry-leading hospitality and event organizing services will not burn a hole in your pocket! We understand the value of money and hence offer competitive pricing that is budget friendly for any party size.

We maintain strict transparency in all our proceedings and our pricing is pretty much all-inclusive, which enables you to track how your hard earned money is being put to efficient use.

We make sure that the final bill is completed vetted before handing it over to you for review. We ensure that the final bill consists of an explicit breakup of costs between various services, even when any of our third-party or on-demand functionalities are utilized.

Get in touch with us for a quote today!


Banking on decades of experience in event hosting, Moksh Banquets helps you organize the best birthday parties ever! With options to customize every minute detail of your party i.e. from cake to decoration, theme customization to audio/visual equipment, we strive to provide the ultimate experience for both the hosts and their guests.

Our professional and concerned staff are prepared to go out of their way to ensure that the occasion is memorable for all those involved. Our venues are designed with features such as elevators to provide utmost comfort to our customers.

We believe that a birthday is not just another day in the year. It is a celebration. A celebration of joy and happiness with your loved ones. And it is our job and privilege to make your “Celebrations Elevated”.