5 Simple (But Important) Things to know while planning a wedding

Wedding is a big day and a memorable event of someone’s life. And it comes only once in the whole life span of an individual. And to make it more special and unforgettable the planning and implementation should be up to the mark.

I am not saying that everything would be absolutely perfect as there are numbers of factors which are responsible for making a wedding beautiful or a disaster. But by keeping these 5 simple yet important things in mind while planning a wedding can make a huge difference.

5 Things To Keep In Mind:

Plan For A budget – Before you start looking for a venue, menu, invitation cards, shopping, and other things, you need to plan for an overall budget at first place. And also keep in mind that always assume for the over-budget as to avoid the challenging situations. Have a rough budget of each expense from your list.

Carefully Decide The Venue & Menu – The second most important decision is to decide on the right venue and appropriate menu. The weather forecast must be kept in mind while deciding on the venue part. And the menu should be such that a variety of items on the food stalls should offer interesting surprises to the guests.

Have Your Shopping Done Beforehand – It is the most important task in the wedding to be done as quick as possible. Your wedding shopping should be done with nothing left behind 5 days before the wedding date. So that you have no extra tensions in your mind related to shopping. But don’t panic while deciding on your wedding dress take your time to finalize your masterpiece.

Have Selected Guest List – In order to have a better and memorable wedding just cut short the guest list and invite your guests accordingly.

Keep Surplus Amount – Apart from your budget, keep some surplus amount in your pocket for situational expenses. This way you can manage the spontaneous mess in a better way.

Although there are many other things you need to keep in mind before having your wedding, these 5 things discussed above are of utmost priority. So if you have e decided to get married then start working out on these 5 things and have a blast at your wedding.