5 Creative Wedding Signature Drinks To Personalize Your Wedding in Hyderabad

The everchanging and developing lifestyles of people and the rise in mercury during summers, the best way to showcase your hospitality and superior taste and choice you can always add-in some delicious, refreshing and tasty blended drinks in your wedding. These drinks can really work as the signature drinks in your marriage.

These days function halls in Hyderabad are very much in trend due to its theme arrangements and best choices for food and drinks. The guests at the wedding will appreciate the theme and decoration. But generally, they never forget the menu of a wedding. And not only this but they always do post function discussions in their interest groups regarding food and drinks at the party.

5 Creative Wedding Signature Drinks To Complement The Wedding venues:

These mood changer Cocktails and Mocktails are the complementing drinks at the wedding party. The idea is very innovative and appreciated by one and all. The wedding venues seem more classy and appreciating with the arrangements of bar counters and signature drinks. Though, many people don’t prefer cocktails, so for the majority of guests, you can add these five mind-blowing drinks for your pre-wedding, wedding or post-wedding parties.


Fresh lime juice

Quality sugar as per the taste or standard

Club soda

Some mint leaves

Add mint leaves, sugar and appreciate amount of lemon juice in the mixer and shake it well then add some ice cubes in the mix and finally add the club soda at the end, now serve it with better presentation.


Some pineapple juice

Lemon juice

White grapes juice


Lemon soda

Some fresh mint

Take one juice shaker and add the lemon juice, some mint, pineapple juice, and white grapes juice. Now add some ice cubes in it. Shake it well and now add the lemon soda to it then garnish it with blueberries now serve it well to your guests.


Ginger beer without alcohol

Lime juice

Orange juice

Some Water

Ice cubes

In a large glass pour, half-glass ginger beer then adds some orange and lemon juice with the splash of water. Now add some ice cubes into it and serve it with a little different presentation.


Some orange juice

Cranberry juice

Rosemary juice


Sugar powder

Ice cubes

And cream soda

In a container add some water and sugar powder then add some rosemary juice now stir it properly until the sugar dissolves properly. Now in a large glass add some ice cubes and rosemary juice then add cream soda km the end. Now mix it well and serve for add this mix into that then pour some orange juice, cranberry juice and the everlasting experience.


Fresh mint

Some honey

Lemon soda

Fresh berries

Some lemon slice

Cranberry juice

Mix all the barrier, mint, honey or organic sweet juice, cranberry juice and make it chilled then add the lemon or lime soda at the end and serve it with the decoration of the lemon slice on the top of the glass.

We all want to throw such a party for our wedding that people should talk about its uniqueness positively. So if you are planning for any wedding function and if you are going to choose for a function hall in Hyderabad then you must add these mood changer signature drinks for your wedding. And people will follow your trend, and they will enjoy your party like anything.